4. GOLD MEMBERSHIP (for serious investors)

SET UP : 500 EUR / year

min 10.000 EUR
max 500.000 EUR (pool)

RETURN : 100% / year 


World’s top managed betting service only by BP. We use professional software that refreshes the odds 0.1sec so we instant cash-in and cash-out in 2-5 ticks (odds 1.01-1.05 max). Our dedicated team will do the job, you go out, have fun, enjoy your life and come back to see the current bank and current progress. The only thing you can do is to wish luck and all end up nice.

Match is 1-1 on 90min and the DRAW is at 1.08. We stake 5.000units and we set automatically offset cashout bet at 1.06. Only after a few seconds, the bet is matched and we have already cashout automatically. If goal scored afterwards or not we don’t care. We won 142 UNITS in 20secs. End of story. This can happen in very events during a match, soccer 40-45min, after a goal, 80-90min, tennis on serve, basketball inplay and so on.

This section will be updated with more details