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RESULTS EMAIL #79 – French action

We avoided staking Bayern Munich. Haha. Really ? Bookies are laughing in excitement. Norrkoping, Bordaux, Marseille for the stakes.

RESULTS EMAIL #78 – Predict the FA CUP winner

Predict the WINNER of today's FA CUP FINAL and win a premium membership for the World Cup 2018

RESULTS EMAIL #77 – Exeter the sure thing to stake

Exeter was a better team, we waited, we staked, we won

RESULTS EMAIL #76 – Atletico live on second half

Nothing staked just for Golden 150.000 units on second half while Atletico was at 1-0 lead. 

RESULTS EMAIL #75 – Fulham – More sure than ever

Fulham was on our speculation this year. Time has come. Hit big. Win big.

RESULTS EMAIL #74 – Juventus relaxation Italian Cup FINAL

We decided for a double selection, draw at halftime and Juve to win cup

RESULTS EMAIL #73 – Man City BOMB for the people @ 9.00

The schedule was big, we had various high odds and on top of them all the DRAW/AWAY selection @ 9.00 at City

RESULTS EMAIL #72 – English action – Poor Tottenham

There were a lot of live opportunities, for example Charlton playoff position was secured with loss against Rochdale, we could not inform the people for live.  FREE ANALYSIS SPORTING vs BENFICA PREDICTION(S) DRAW HALFTIME WON HOME WIN CASHOUT LOST EINTRACHT vs...

RESULTS EMAIL #71 – Real Madrid as standard

Real to win, score, qualify, whatever... FREE ANALYSIS REAL MADRID vs BAYERN MUNICH HOME WIN CASHOUT @ 2.38 (fair odds) WON HOME/DRAW @ 1.47 WON REAL TO QUALIFY @ 1.40 WON By ODDS 241) Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich HOME/DRAW @...